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Advanced Installer 14.6 RePack by Dilan
26.02.2018, 20:37

Версия программы: 14.6
Официальный сайт: Caphyon
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Лечение: Не требуется (инсталлятор уже пролечен)
Системные требования:
* 1 GB RAM
* 2 ГБ на HDD
* Windows 7,8,10 

Advanced Installer - это мощное и простое в использовании средство для создания программ установок в формате MSI / EXE за считанные минуты. Решение Advanced Installer основывается на использовании стандартных открытых форматов. Файлы проектов сохраняются в формате XML, что упрощает их интеграцию с системами управления исходными текстами. Advanced Installer - профессиональный инструмент для создания MSI-установщиков приложений под операционные системы Windows.
Программа крайне проста в использовании (для своего уровня), все взаимодействие с ней осуществляется через удобный интерфейс, так что вам не придется изучать большое количество документации и писать сложных скриптов - каждое действие логично и интуитивно выполняется через систему внутренних команд. Созданные проекты сохраняются в формате XML для дальнейшего использования. Если к примеру взять в сравнение Wise, InstallShield и другими программами для создания MSI-пакетов, Advanced Installer имеет гораздо более понятный интерфейс, с помощью которого Вы создадите свой пакет установки за считанные минуты.

New features
• Custom Actions to Install/Uninstall a certificate 
• Custom Actions to Install/Uninstall an APPX package
• Support for UWP localizations
• Support for COM import from an APPX package
• UWP synchronization for registry protocols and startup tasks
• Conditional installation of directory structures
• Ability to store a property during an Administrative Install 
• Placeholder text for Edit Boxes when using Enhanced UI
• Search functionality in Translations for Project Strings and Default Strings

• "Use App default values" option disabled for extensions that don't support it
• Auto-close command for Updater
• Display list of files for which registration information was refreshed
• DLL registration support for when DLLs are on a network location
• 64-bit components marked by default when changing package type to 64-bit
• Encrypt MSI properties
• Save default strings in a relative location
• Allow the installer to use paths longer than MAX_PATH (260 characters)
• Improvements for UWP COM Synchronization
• Import Upgrade Code from UWP package
• Global per-build events are executed before any projects checks
• Save features collapsed state and order
• FileTypeAssociation extension supports ShellNewFileName and ShellNewDisplayName
• Allow ordering Merge Modules in an MSI project
• Improve Direct UI control preview in Dialog Editor

Bug fixes
• Modify button remains enabled after canceling the "Edit INI entry" dialog
• Snapshot check-boxes from VM Profile is not updated
• Report Viewer.msi fails to be imported in AI
• Repackager/VM Launcher crashes on VM after successfully repackaging
• SQL Query action fails unexpectedly
• Fast Install option break installed file permissions
• Error when building MST/MSI file for administrative image of an MSI package
• Advanced Installer error when adding a DLL to the Assemblies page
• Cannot add new file to attached MSI
• Update only declarations view when UWP sync is enabled
• Cannot save an edited MSI
• The controls from SetupTypeDlg does not have icon
• Transform file cannot be replicated with Advanced Installer
• Problem loading COMs when editing an MSI file
• Custom Launch Conditions are not displayed when Editing MSI
• Crash when selecting an MSI as attached Custom Action in Edit MSI mode
• Merge Modules CABs are deleted at the end of building a web installer with one cab per feature
• Functions increase in number after each action for native DLL Custom Action
• VSTS build fail when using the Hosted VS2017 agent
• MST transform file is built and then deleted
• Image buttons displays the elevation shield even if the package is already elevated
• Themes preview rendered incorrectly on custom DPI
• Rebuild fails after interchanging features content when using Cab per Feature and Merge Modules
• COM info is not extracted when building an Appx package
• The CAB contains corrupted file in a certain scenario when "One CAB archive per feature" option is used
• Setup packages with large files could not locate the installation files when placed on a USB disk
• MaskedLine control not editable
• Merge Module support is broken for projects using LZMA
• MSI properties on command line not converted to uppercase when running with Enhanced UI
• Logon as a service policy is not set for local accounts which do not explicitly contain the computer name
• Updater localization issues
• Formatted fields lexer is saying a temp file reference is invalid because it cannot recognize it
• The repository dictionary is not always the first in the list from the "Dictionary" tab
• ConfigureDlg is not displayed after ClientServerDlg
• The splash screen remains on screen instead of disappearing
• View theme gets changed if you double click on the Classic's scrollbar
• The property associated with the temporary file copy is unchanged
• Missing Farsi dictionary
• "Go to Resource" is not present in MSM context menu from Organization
• Packages that cannot be removed from Control Panel
• The MSI extracted from an LZMA compressed package is not removed after the install/uninstall of the package
• TweakAppv issues when creating reg_multi_sz registry
• "Full Trust" capability is enabled for Windows Store App
• Load Wise and IS custom tables in QuickEdit mode
• Project with custom ARP is always marked as modified after leaving the view
• Issue when setting icon for build executable with path variable
• XML comments are always written on disk even if they already exist
• Jenkins build failure when including a program for a .cfgm extension
• Deprecated updates issues not displayed when only one update is available
• ARPCOMMENTS is displayed in the Task Manager instead of ProductName when EUI is enabled
• Images and controls are not displayed correctly on a "Tab Host" when the OS uses the Classic theme
• "Static Text" controls do not have transparency on a "Tab host" when the OS uses the Classic theme
• Feature-based prerequisite is installed on OSes that are not checked in the "Supported Windows Versions" list
• Second Pre-install prerequisite is skipped when denying to reboot after the first one's installation

Категория: программы | Добавил: Lis
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